Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patches had to remind me I had a blog.

I can't believe the cat has a better memory than me but there it is.

I'm still kind of all over the place however the big clean up is back on. I got a whole lot of boxes given to me and another garage sale coming up in the spring/summer so I need to find more to sell.

Right now I'm going through my closet, first getting every article of clothing I own in one place and then realizing I had way, WAY more than I thought, then sorting it all and widdling it down. These of course will not be sold but given to charity, probably where the rest of my garage sale items should of gone last year lol

I've also gotten a hold of a few more storage bins so that I can more easily get my craft items off the desk and sorted properly while making room for the organization items I've picked up over the year.
I'm going to be getting rid of some of my supplies to make room for what's important so mostly the things I don't work with any more, like wooden objects (boxes, key hangers, plates) that I used to paint on will be heading out the door.

The missisquoi community school wrapped up in November and I finished my Toby painting.
I'm not sure it is finished though, there are parts of it that still bug me, but for now it is done.

I also have the Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. painting I mentioned last time. It isn't finished as I ran short on time but all I have left are the details on the TARDIS itself which I could not get right in the hurry I was in by the time I got to it.

As for current projects, I've been making a few charms on my computer desk like this one I made for a friend. She loved it by the way.

And I've gotten my hands on a macro lens from Little BigShot for my point and shoot camera.
Yes, for a compact camera or as I call it, a point and shoot.

For only 25 bucks I'm taking upclose photos I'd only dreamed of before.
Here are a couple I've gotten so far. These are of decaying moss and regular living moss from a nearby tree.

 Well I guess I'd better get back to it, before facebook sucks me back in. ;)

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