Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's been quite a while hasn't it?

I'd blame the kindle for my absence but I've just been all over the place lately and haven't really felt like updating this blog despite the fact that I have actually been creative in my time away.

Currently I'm suffering from round 2 of a cold that came, went and came back 5 days later. I've been told that means it's actually a whole other cold but I never get 2 colds back to back like that and the timing is really crazy.

I'm currently taking a class at the yearly Missiquoi Community School. It's great thing really, 10 weeks of classes (1 1/2 hour a week) for 10 bucks (for the whole 10 week season not per class) and the final class is a showing from all the different classes. I actually made them a little youtube commercial of sorts, I've been going every year since I was old enough to go (don't tell anyone but I snuck in a year early lol) except the years I was away at college. The past two years I've been taking scrapbooking but this year I'm back in painting and having a blast!

So far I have 2 paintings, 1 complete, one very near complete (just a couple of minor tweaks left) and 2 projects I want to do but haven't started so I'm gonna try and pull at least one of them off in time for next weeks final show. I have a final class tomorrow (Thursday) to complete tweaks and start a new piece and hopefully finish the rest at home.
The one I've been working on all through classes is a portrait of my cat Toby who went to rainbow bridge 2 years ago.
It's not finished in this photo, I've done more work since (including all the fur details, eyelashes, eye changes and more color) but you can get a gist of what it looks like until I get a newer photo off my camera.

The second is my take on fate trying to destroy love by taking away the object of that love but love itself being involves the greek mythology about the fates, with the threads that are lives, snipping them randomly ending lives but that the gods had golden threads that could not be clipped. The heart will be surrounded by a golden string (not added at the time this photo was taken and the string shown are not the final placement). Basically the heart is torn and damaged by fate, by death but the love lives forever, much like the golden threads. A fate is literally ripping through this heart made of eggshells

My third project was gonna be another Blu Kat painting, but I did so well painting a space scene (for the first time too!) on Toby's painting that now I wanna try a little Doctor Who fan art, so if I have time that will be my final project for class.

I've also made some Christmas cards for DeviantART's Holiday Card Project. Something I love participating  when they have it, but for the last two years they had stopped doing for unknown reasons. Bacially artists from all over the world make cards and send them to deviantart. On Christmas, volunteers take the cards and hand them out to folks who are spending the holidays in a hospital bed instead of in their homes.

Sad to report my earlier claim to try to write a Novel for NaNoWriMo isn't gonna happen. Maybe I'll pick another month later on, I should of just done it when I announced it, as waiting killed off my motivation and my painting classses ended up conflicting with NaNoWriMo anyway.
Haven't started on the peekaboo box yet nor has there been any progress with the clean up but once classes are done things should be less hectic and once the cold is gone, lifting boxes won't have me gasping like a fish out of water.

Patches is currently sleeping on my computer chair's pillow, again, which means things in this chair sans pillow are getting a bit uncomfortable. Time for some nyqill and a nice stuffed couch to relax on.

I really do need to get to the 'pawsense' part of this blog at some point lol

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