Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More than 10 days later

Last post was 10 days after the one before it and I had hoped it wouldn't be another 10 before I posted again.
And I wasn't. I was 15 days away from the blog this time.
But I do have a good excuse. Back to back weekends selling at a yard sale.
I even got my rear out of bed at 7 am on my own birthday to get out there and sell.

I didn't get rid of as much junk as I'd hoped, but I made a whopping $30 (approx) which doesn't sound like all that much, but I didn't have any big ticket items to sell like my uncle who had a lawn full of furniture he sold so cheap it nearly made me cry. Most of which was bought by a returning shopper who just kept coming back each day of the first weekend (Sat-Mon) and returned again the following weekend on our last day (Sunday) to scoop up the left overs.
Actually I made most of my money from her as well.

I haven't posted because 2 back to back weekends selling in the hot sun made me feel unwell for the bulk of last week. I got sunburned, blisters on my feet and eczema which for some reason really hated the sun and flared up and made my hands look like I had somehow traveled in time to catch smallpox.
I felt overall drained and spent time between the two weekends taking it easy and hanging out with Patches.

But here I am, back to the creative adventure. And I made some progress on a carved Styrofoam project I started during the massive room cleanup a month or so back.

This is how the project started out. I Love working with found objects, and this started out as a piece of protective foam in a box for a breakable lighthouse decoration for the garden.
I drew out the design, one of my Blu Kats (I create all kinds of things with these blu kat designs of mine, from paintings, to jewelry to this!), carved out a layer of the foam to create a raised design. Then I covered the entire surface of the foam first with glue (much of it was loose at this point, I was finding pieces all over the floor just touching the carved parts) then with mod podge (because I ran out of gloss medium and was given a jar of mod podge by my grandmother months back) which hardened the styrofoam and allowed me to stick down extra pieces in the back where the foam was a bit thin and reinforce it all).
Then I coated the carved parts again in mod podge, and sprinkled on some silver gravel (another gift from my grandmother...she was cleaning out her old supplies at the time lol).
I stopped working on it when I went through most of the mod podge and it sat for weeks untouched (and in need of another layer of gravel as well as the sides are still bare) when I found a thick piece of felt, which I split into two thinner pieces and used the loose fibers from that to give my kitty the furry blue texture you see below.

There's still much to do with it (including something I want to try with the eyes) but it is looking much better nowadays.
And it seems blogging time is up for today, seeing as Patches has crawled into my arms as I sit here typing and is preventing me from typing much more.
Until next time...I make no promises as to when as it seems fate has other ideas. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's been a long 10 days.

It's been ten days since my last post.
My body's gone and done a strange thing, it set me back into a daylight cycle...meaning normally when I'm up nights crafting, cleaning and doing online things like this blog, I've been off to dreamland because Mr Sandman accidentally sprinkled sleep on me early.

I can't spend much time online during days due to having dialup and needing the phone line open, nor have I felt like doing anything creative so I've been spending some time outside during the new warm spring weather before the neighbors start carving their wooden stakes lol.
I've also been helping my grandmother sort and clear out some of her stuff for this coming weekend's garage sale seeing as I no longer had any place to move things after setting a tornado lose on my crafting room closet.

Tomorrow is our regular trip to the weekly rummage sale hunting for buried treasure among masses of junk people gave away.
I know, it's ironic isn't it?

But I'm looking for costume jewelry, crafting supplies if they're any good and storage solutions (or to find more for my not so secret obsession, collecting neopets merchandise lol). Then I come back and can finally start making a dent on cleaning that craft desk off.
Yes, it's true, I now have room to move as everything I got ready to sell/get rid of is now out the door and being stored at the garagesale's location. I'm hoping I can manage a few more boxes before the sale, however we will be at another location the following week for anything that is found after or did not sell the first time. Then we'll be having another in late summer/early fall for that final clean sweep.

I almost forgot. I did do a little something creative in the last 10 days.
I made these.

Excuse the low res/high grain photo...my camera's battery is currently out of juice and is being charged so my old webcam was my only option right now. Photo slightly larger than actual size.

If you're wondering what the blue box is...I'm a big 'Doctor Who' fan. These blue police boxes are what is referred to as the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) on the tv show. These will either become magnets, pins, pendants or even scrapbooking embellishments. They are on thin plastic tiles ( I found a bag of them) from at last weeks sale (best find in a long time). I printed out the photos, covered them with the sticky plastic you find on a laminating pouch (the kind where you don't need the machine) to prevent the ink running then I applied my favorite product Mod Podge Dimensional magic which creates a glassy finish.
I have enough of these tiles to make many more, not just of the TARDIS but of anything like Patches the cat or a Pawprint.

Until next time, which hopefully will be a lot sooner than 10 days. ;)  >^._.^<

Saturday, May 5, 2012

National Scrapbooking Day FAIL

I was hoping to have my crafting desk cleaned by now so I could work on new pages for today, but as it is still quite full of unorganized mess, I guess this will have to do.

This is my current page in progress.

I was thinking of a white border around the photo of Patches and some journaling below the photo. I have two more blue birds (you can see them on the right hand side) that I can also use .
I'm thinking it needs more variety in color, and something else I can't put my finger on. It's looking pretty plain right now to me but I'm fighting a spot of un-inspiration right now (page/art block?) so am less creative today.

Any suggestions?
I've never really used this type of paper before (lace paper) so I'm not quite sure if you're supposed to put color blocks or photos behind it or what.

On a side note, I've started a piece of fiction the other day. I'm not going to say what it is about, because every time I tell someone about a writing project in the works, I end up unable to finish it but I will say it's both set in the past and current time...and involves an impossible situation (from what we know of science).

On a second side note Patches has decided to steal my computer chair pillow so sitting here typing on this blog, isn't the most comfortable situation. I'd take it back but she's fast asleep and if any of you have cats, you know how hard it is to disturb them when they are not only quiet but not getting into trouble. ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Past projects, new cleaning.

Patches and Nutamu: An Adventure in Creativity and Pawsense is coming to you from 2 locations now!

If you're reading this from my blogger page at Click Me Please then to you I say, Welcome! Put up your feet, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show. ;)

If you're reading this from CreatingTheHive.com - Arts & Crafts Community then to you I say...well pretty much the same thing...but you're doing it from the comfort of a blogging hub, so there are probably more chairs and a lot more channels on ;) Here, have some popcorn. lol

For those who have been following along, I finally finished clearing out my computer/crafting room closet and started moving my frames, ready to go canvases and larger finished pieces inside. I have to round up a few stragglers trapped behind the crafting desk and from then on be able to find a canvas quickly when inspiration strikes at 3:00 am or whatever the time.

Also looking into getting a couple small clear bins and a set of clear plastic drawers to put on the upper, now cleared shelf.
I need to be better organized with this stuff or months go by without much of anything happening creatively-wise.

Tomorrow I tackle the very much abused crafting desk and bring a little order to my chaos. Patches plans on crawling under said desk as soon as I start moving things (it's her favorite hiding spot)

In the meantime, why not share a couple of past projects with whomever comes across this post?

Seeing as Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd share something I made my mom a couple years back using Polymer Clay (blue and translucent), a foam stamp and pearlex iridescent powder. I've since done another version of this without the braided border but with the butterfly looking like it was set glass using mod podge dimensional magic to fill in the stamped area.

And seeing as it's very nearly National Scrapbooking Day, and my planned page is currently on the previously mentioned cluttered crafting desk (under a foam carving lol) I'll share something I did last year.
This is a page for...who else, Patches.
I'd just gotten a hold of a jar of buttons a day before I did this and was inspired to use some of them right away. Added some felted cat embellishments I'd found to create a simple, but elegant page without much of the embellishment clutter I usually have in my pages (my first year scrapping I was told I my pages were to busy...my second year I toned it down a little, I'm currently in my third year btw).
I happen to also consider myself a budget scrapper. The most money I spent on any one thing for scrapbooking was $25 for a flip and cut paper trimmer from Royal that has chopping action on one side and a slideing trimmer with adjustable blades on the other. Probably would of bought 2 of them they are quite awesome and well worth it (just the sliding ones cost up to that much for the same size and I really wanted the chopping/guillotine type cutter) but it was the only one they have ever had in stock (I got it the day it hit the shelves lol).
For the most part I buy discount embellishments at dollarsotres (when not making my own) and buy my papers in bulk rather than 10-25 sheets in a pack you see in stores. I'm all about saving money nad using materials creativly (like flattened stamped clay for embellishments or using paper glaze and glue to make my own stickers) when it comes to scrapping.

Oooh nearly time to feed Patches, I'd better be off for now. ;)