Friday, April 27, 2012

First Day, First entry

First day on the new blog.
Patches could care less.

In the middle of a massive spring cleaning that was brought on by not having any more room for my art supplies. I have a crafting desk several layers deep with finished pieces, in progress pieces, newly bought materials, and probably a few lost tools. I even have the stuff I bought to organize the mess under it all. Lot of good it's doing. ;)
I decided to clean out the computer/crafting room closet that was packed to the ceiling with unpacked boxes  (from a move 8 years ago lol) & other assorted things.  Trying to attempt some kind of organization in there for supplies, and my larger canvases and frames. So far it's going pretty good, even if I've overrun my original set timeline by a week now without having actually touched the crafting desk.

What can I say? Not only am I an amateur artist, I'm a total packrat.
It may look a little crazy to see rolls of wrapping paper, tissue paper and bubble wrap stuffed behind my door but they already have projects in mind for them (mostly texture) and anything I find that I don't remember what it was bought for is going in a massive garage sale in three weeks (thus why the timeline and why overshooting right now is not a good thing) so that someone else can find a use for it.

At the moment Patches is gathering inspiration for our next project by watching nearby birds bounce around in front of the window.

Patches doesn't do a lot of the artwork mind you, she's basically a muse in fur who occasionally likes to accidentally knock over a canister or brushes or step in paint and track it across the floor (or a canvas if i get lucky one of these days).

I think I'll leave this first entry with an image of an already completed project, just so you have something to look forward to next time.

This is a portrait I did a couple years back of Patches and her three brothers, Ducky, Bambi and Teddy Bear in acrylic on canvas.

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