Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been a while

Well, it's pretty obvious I have trouble getting to this blog each week. The last two times it was 15 or so days, this time a whole month passed me by.
I think at this point I just have to accept that I'll blog when I can, and not stress when I can't. It's not like anyone is actually reading this except Patches, just kidding!

I've been busier than usual of late, and it is starting to show on my waist line!
Normally I'm a sluggish girl, shuffling zombie when risen, taking half an hour to an hour at times to fully wake up (I'm not a coffee drinker FYI) and I have had the tendency in the past to be, quite frankly down right lazy at times, low energy/motivation at others, kind of tumbling through my day unless on a wicked inspiration streak or cleaning (and I'm not a big cleaner until the massive craft organization project of 2012 came along and dumped me on my butt so to speak, which by the way still isn't finished).
Life just isn't letting me get away with my cat like lifestyle anymore.

I did however manage to make my yearly trip out to Montreal and visit both my favorite bookstore and craft supply store. I managed to get lots of goodies including a book about art journalling I'm excited about, a large container of liquidtex gel medium, a handful of punches and some jewelry fittings I had been looking for, for sometime (ring blanks and bales for using scrabble tiles/any tiles as pendants).

I also got a book called The Nighttime Novelist. It is chock full of exercises to help me flesh out a story instead of having 50 story ideas scribbled down on post it notes. ;)

Hopefully, with the help of this book, I am going to participate in an event I've always wanted to be a part of, but was scared off from.
This November, I'm going to try to write a novel in 30 days with NaNoWriMo.

And because I have been away for so long, I thought, why not bombard you with some of my more recent photos.

 My photography teacher used to say, never shoot a backlit subject.
I'd say, How else do you get a lovely sillouette.


 A self portrait, of sorts.
Don't Blink!
 Angels of stone smile in happiness.

I love sunsets
 Welcome to sunset street, connecting with the yellow brick road.

Rocky the cat
Now this, is cattitude.


  1. love the pics of your kitty. mine never wants to stay still for me to shot him

  2. Best time for me to capture photos of cats are when they are just waking up/going to sleep and are still sluggish or when they are watching something like birds out a window, they tend to sit very still not to spook the birds.

    I take a lot of photos of my cats, even when they are still, photos can come out a blur. For me it's more about getting one or two good photos out of a hundred blurry ones. I play the odds. :)
    Thanks for the visit.