Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More than 10 days later

Last post was 10 days after the one before it and I had hoped it wouldn't be another 10 before I posted again.
And I wasn't. I was 15 days away from the blog this time.
But I do have a good excuse. Back to back weekends selling at a yard sale.
I even got my rear out of bed at 7 am on my own birthday to get out there and sell.

I didn't get rid of as much junk as I'd hoped, but I made a whopping $30 (approx) which doesn't sound like all that much, but I didn't have any big ticket items to sell like my uncle who had a lawn full of furniture he sold so cheap it nearly made me cry. Most of which was bought by a returning shopper who just kept coming back each day of the first weekend (Sat-Mon) and returned again the following weekend on our last day (Sunday) to scoop up the left overs.
Actually I made most of my money from her as well.

I haven't posted because 2 back to back weekends selling in the hot sun made me feel unwell for the bulk of last week. I got sunburned, blisters on my feet and eczema which for some reason really hated the sun and flared up and made my hands look like I had somehow traveled in time to catch smallpox.
I felt overall drained and spent time between the two weekends taking it easy and hanging out with Patches.

But here I am, back to the creative adventure. And I made some progress on a carved Styrofoam project I started during the massive room cleanup a month or so back.

This is how the project started out. I Love working with found objects, and this started out as a piece of protective foam in a box for a breakable lighthouse decoration for the garden.
I drew out the design, one of my Blu Kats (I create all kinds of things with these blu kat designs of mine, from paintings, to jewelry to this!), carved out a layer of the foam to create a raised design. Then I covered the entire surface of the foam first with glue (much of it was loose at this point, I was finding pieces all over the floor just touching the carved parts) then with mod podge (because I ran out of gloss medium and was given a jar of mod podge by my grandmother months back) which hardened the styrofoam and allowed me to stick down extra pieces in the back where the foam was a bit thin and reinforce it all).
Then I coated the carved parts again in mod podge, and sprinkled on some silver gravel (another gift from my grandmother...she was cleaning out her old supplies at the time lol).
I stopped working on it when I went through most of the mod podge and it sat for weeks untouched (and in need of another layer of gravel as well as the sides are still bare) when I found a thick piece of felt, which I split into two thinner pieces and used the loose fibers from that to give my kitty the furry blue texture you see below.

There's still much to do with it (including something I want to try with the eyes) but it is looking much better nowadays.
And it seems blogging time is up for today, seeing as Patches has crawled into my arms as I sit here typing and is preventing me from typing much more.
Until next time...I make no promises as to when as it seems fate has other ideas. ;)

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