Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The kindle is my new computer

...and by 'my new computer' I mean the time sucking device I can't seem to get away from, or in the kindle's case...put down.

I love reading. I'm reading more now than  I have in the last 5 years, if you don't count fanfiction.
I look at books in my room taking up space and wish I could trade them in for kindle versions.
I download 10 free books a day and wish I could read faster to keep up with all my new books before I fill up all the memory on the kindle.

A while back, I saved up (yes this is what the garage sale money went towards) and got myself a kindle.
While it has stood somewhat in the way of some artistic projects, mostly it's been stopping me from finishing up the epic spring/summer/whenever I finish it clean up; like a well paid bodyguard protecting a rich celebrity.

But there is an upside.
Obviously I'm not talking about the fact that I'm doing something that is at least constructive, though lets toss that into the 'pro' side anyways. I'm talking about the self help books about getting rid of clutter and organizing that I've gotten my hands on.

I'll admit it right now on this blog. My name is Tanya, and I'm a Messie.
And after reading part of one of their books 'Winning the Clutter War" I packed up 3 more boxes of stuff that I missed in the first purge.
I had to stop because I ran out of boxes to fill. :D
Strangely enough, even though I'm not done reading, it is helping.

Patches on the other hand only cares about when she will be able to once again explore under the crafting  desk, one of her favorite hiding spots that I've blocked off with stuff. The concept of a mess to her is something I'm supposed to pick up whether she or I made it.

In other news I got hit by another streak of creativity, but seeing as half my supplies are put away in some new bins till organized, I decided to boil some water and rip some pages out of a music book I bought just to deface, and do a little tea staining in anticipation for an art project I am planning right now.

It's called a Peek-A-Boo box (well that's what I'm callling it). It's based on a shoebox sculpture I did in my college sculpture class. We each had to take a shoe box, and make it into a self portrait.

I was the only one in class to not have an open box, mine was closed and had small peeking holes in it so one could see only what I wanted them to see. People aren't open boxes you can just look into.

Many in the class didn't get it, I'd occasionally spot them taking off the closed cover and staring in confusion.
The teacher however did, and loved it.
My final mark for the class was derived entirely from that box.
The original idea was rushed, I had little to no supplies, just lots of paper and cardboard.

I've been thinking of redoing it for years but didn't really want to repeat myself either, but a person changes a lot in ten years, and the things that were found in the old box really don't reflect me anymore, so maybe it is time for a new box.

I already have some basic plans like the tea stained music paper.

Seeing as I don't have any images from this project to share just yet, I'll leave you with a recent photo I took.

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