Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Past projects, new cleaning.

Patches and Nutamu: An Adventure in Creativity and Pawsense is coming to you from 2 locations now!

If you're reading this from my blogger page at Click Me Please then to you I say, Welcome! Put up your feet, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show. ;)

If you're reading this from - Arts & Crafts Community then to you I say...well pretty much the same thing...but you're doing it from the comfort of a blogging hub, so there are probably more chairs and a lot more channels on ;) Here, have some popcorn. lol

For those who have been following along, I finally finished clearing out my computer/crafting room closet and started moving my frames, ready to go canvases and larger finished pieces inside. I have to round up a few stragglers trapped behind the crafting desk and from then on be able to find a canvas quickly when inspiration strikes at 3:00 am or whatever the time.

Also looking into getting a couple small clear bins and a set of clear plastic drawers to put on the upper, now cleared shelf.
I need to be better organized with this stuff or months go by without much of anything happening creatively-wise.

Tomorrow I tackle the very much abused crafting desk and bring a little order to my chaos. Patches plans on crawling under said desk as soon as I start moving things (it's her favorite hiding spot)

In the meantime, why not share a couple of past projects with whomever comes across this post?

Seeing as Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd share something I made my mom a couple years back using Polymer Clay (blue and translucent), a foam stamp and pearlex iridescent powder. I've since done another version of this without the braided border but with the butterfly looking like it was set glass using mod podge dimensional magic to fill in the stamped area.

And seeing as it's very nearly National Scrapbooking Day, and my planned page is currently on the previously mentioned cluttered crafting desk (under a foam carving lol) I'll share something I did last year.
This is a page for...who else, Patches.
I'd just gotten a hold of a jar of buttons a day before I did this and was inspired to use some of them right away. Added some felted cat embellishments I'd found to create a simple, but elegant page without much of the embellishment clutter I usually have in my pages (my first year scrapping I was told I my pages were to second year I toned it down a little, I'm currently in my third year btw).
I happen to also consider myself a budget scrapper. The most money I spent on any one thing for scrapbooking was $25 for a flip and cut paper trimmer from Royal that has chopping action on one side and a slideing trimmer with adjustable blades on the other. Probably would of bought 2 of them they are quite awesome and well worth it (just the sliding ones cost up to that much for the same size and I really wanted the chopping/guillotine type cutter) but it was the only one they have ever had in stock (I got it the day it hit the shelves lol).
For the most part I buy discount embellishments at dollarsotres (when not making my own) and buy my papers in bulk rather than 10-25 sheets in a pack you see in stores. I'm all about saving money nad using materials creativly (like flattened stamped clay for embellishments or using paper glaze and glue to make my own stickers) when it comes to scrapping.

Oooh nearly time to feed Patches, I'd better be off for now. ;)

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