Monday, May 14, 2012

It's been a long 10 days.

It's been ten days since my last post.
My body's gone and done a strange thing, it set me back into a daylight cycle...meaning normally when I'm up nights crafting, cleaning and doing online things like this blog, I've been off to dreamland because Mr Sandman accidentally sprinkled sleep on me early.

I can't spend much time online during days due to having dialup and needing the phone line open, nor have I felt like doing anything creative so I've been spending some time outside during the new warm spring weather before the neighbors start carving their wooden stakes lol.
I've also been helping my grandmother sort and clear out some of her stuff for this coming weekend's garage sale seeing as I no longer had any place to move things after setting a tornado lose on my crafting room closet.

Tomorrow is our regular trip to the weekly rummage sale hunting for buried treasure among masses of junk people gave away.
I know, it's ironic isn't it?

But I'm looking for costume jewelry, crafting supplies if they're any good and storage solutions (or to find more for my not so secret obsession, collecting neopets merchandise lol). Then I come back and can finally start making a dent on cleaning that craft desk off.
Yes, it's true, I now have room to move as everything I got ready to sell/get rid of is now out the door and being stored at the garagesale's location. I'm hoping I can manage a few more boxes before the sale, however we will be at another location the following week for anything that is found after or did not sell the first time. Then we'll be having another in late summer/early fall for that final clean sweep.

I almost forgot. I did do a little something creative in the last 10 days.
I made these.

Excuse the low res/high grain camera's battery is currently out of juice and is being charged so my old webcam was my only option right now. Photo slightly larger than actual size.

If you're wondering what the blue box is...I'm a big 'Doctor Who' fan. These blue police boxes are what is referred to as the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) on the tv show. These will either become magnets, pins, pendants or even scrapbooking embellishments. They are on thin plastic tiles ( I found a bag of them) from at last weeks sale (best find in a long time). I printed out the photos, covered them with the sticky plastic you find on a laminating pouch (the kind where you don't need the machine) to prevent the ink running then I applied my favorite product Mod Podge Dimensional magic which creates a glassy finish.
I have enough of these tiles to make many more, not just of the TARDIS but of anything like Patches the cat or a Pawprint.

Until next time, which hopefully will be a lot sooner than 10 days. ;)  >^._.^<

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